Saturday, August 6, 2011

Caj Buat Alteration Kat U.K Bleh Buat Gua Beli Rumah Namblasjuta

Artikel ni aku amik kat salah satu web jeans repair kat U.K. Fuuuu... caj servis dia kalau kat Malaysia bleh beli rumah namblas juta. Kalau kawan2 korang kat U.K nak pakai tukang jahit, halo2 gua ek!!

Alteration, Repair & Restoration Denim Jeans Work Price List

Shorten jean legs plain denim stitch £9.95.(=RM48.74)
(caj gua RM5-RM10)

Shorten jean legs with original finish to denim(vintage/retro finish) £14.95.(=RM73.23)
(caj gua RM15-RM25)
Taper leg width, thighs or from knee down £14.95.(=RM73.23) (same price to make skinny cut)
(caj gua RM15-RM30)

Take in denim waist double seam replace stitching back near original as poss £18.95.=RM92.82
(caj gua RM20-RM30)
Restore denim jeans, from £6.95 (=RM34.04)=for small repair work. upto £19.95 (=RM97.72)for larger areas.
(caj gua RM5-RM80)

Repair crutch area using denim jean or cotton of your choice (lots of different denim colours to choose) from £9.95 (=RM48.74)one side, £16.95 both sides. Maxium charge for a large repair to crutch area is £19.95.
(caj gua RM5-RM80)

Discrete denim fuse work from £6.95. (=RM34.04)
(caj gua RM5-RM20)

New zips in jeans £14.95 (=RM73.23)
(caj gua RM12-RM15)

Repair zips in jeans from £4.95.(=RM24.25)
(caj gua RM5-RM10)

New metal button stud for jeans £4.95.(=RM24.25)
(caj gua RM3-RM6)

Repair pockets from £6.95 (=RM34.04)
(caj gua RM5-RM30)

Re piece whole legs, from £29.95 (=RM146.70)
(caj gua RM15-RM30)

I stock, lots of different coloured denim,  along with a small selection of Japanese denim and indigo dye denim, so will be able to make your repair work as near or as different as you want.

I also stock cotton shirting from the local Manchester shirts makers, this is normally used for small patch areas, such as knees,lower legs, etc.... if the cotton is used, its best to be in a low friction areas,wouldnt really recommend this for crutch repair work. I have some wonderful funky colours, in solid, stripy, spotted, paisley designs.

*korang bleh compare la workmanship diorang


  1. Salam bro, agaknya kalau tukar metal stud button tu kena tukar satu set depan & belakang ke? Kalau depan tukar baru, belakang pakai yang lama boleh ke? (Sebab nak maintain stamp number - Levi's LVC. Sekali yang depan tu dah hilang la pulak) Saja survey, tanya pakar sikit. Hehehe... Chain stitch plak berapa hengget bro? Terima kasih...